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Floor cleaning services nowadays are becoming more and more in-demand. This kind of service is usually needed by big companies or commercial establishments. Looking for services such as this is very common and with all of the options on the internet how do you know which one to use. Metro Vancouver Carpet Cleaning has developed the highest quality standard of floor cleaning services available and we even use the best in eco-friendly material to clean your floor.

There are different types of floor materials and each material has their own requirements when it comes to cleaning. Our company has hired the best people to work with us and are educated in all types of floors and scenarios. They are all professionals and experts on their own field. We hire people not as our employees but our partners in reaching our goals. Our ultimate goal is not just to earn money and make business but more than that is to serve and help big companies or even residences.

Services provided:

Floor cleaning

Eco-friendly Carpet cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Pressure washing

One factor that can affect the floor’s physical appearance, aside from old age, is dirt and lack of cleaning maintenance. The dirt is basically introduced by the environment carried by our shoes and pets. So, by simply placing doormats at the doors you can lessen the dirt particles that are carried inside the house. But that’s enough! Don’t forget to properly maintain your floors for best results.

However, if you keep on cleaning the floor without using the right cleaner you will decrease the life span of your floor. Each floor has its own lifespan and if properly managed the lifespan can reach up to 10-15 years. Your floor must be maintained daily or else dirt will stay on it and it will become very difficult to clean and keep it clean in the future  Certain solvents and chemicals can ruin the floor material as well and  there are manufacturers now that are producing eco-friendly cleaning material. Our company has dedicated itself to only using the right technology, eco-friendly cleaning material and well-skilled technicians to do the cleaning job efficiently for you. For any of your inquiries, call us today!

Over time, hardwood floor will become dull. But choosing the best and reputable floor cleaning company will be a big help in maintaining your floors. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Moreover, our company is a proud member of BBB. All our services offered are all of highest quality. We make sure that at the end of every service we can give our customers the satisfaction they need.

Searching and choosing the best flooring company nowadays needs to be crucial. Why not choose the trusted and best company? Our company has the best services offered at its affordable and justifiable rates. Our people are trained well and honed their skills through application. For any of your inquiries, call our customer service representative. Call the right package suited for your company or business. By working with us, we make sure that you’ll never ever be disappointed with your decision of choosing us. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now!

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