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Persian rug cleaning: The best way to do it!

Looking for a dependable and reputable company? Then you have just landed on the right page! Our company offers reliable and affordable services, not only for homes but for commercial building as well. Using our high tech environmental solutions we can bring your carpets, as well as your upholstery, back to life. Our services, though at affordable rates, are never compromised and we take pride in being known for the highest quality. Contact us today and let our professional team take care of your Persian rug.

Services provided:

Speed and quality is our top priority. By choosing us you can sleep well at night with the confidence that you are getting the highest quality results in your Persian Rug and will never do anything to sway your confidence in our service. Knowing that we are in the service industry, we work enthusiastically to provide top notch, friendly, service.

Tips on how to prolong Persian Rugs:

There’s no place like home. Our home is the most relaxing place at the end of stressful day. Part of making our home very relaxing and comfortable is by keeping it fresh and clean. Adding embellishments like colorful decorations, carpets, and rugs will make it more appealing to the eye – the correct rug will set the mood. Persian rugs are no exception to this. Many wives love to decorate their homes with Persian rugs and commercial establishments are adopting the decorating trend as well. Persian rugs are very comfortable, unique, and very valuable. The type of fabric in a Persian Rug is not just any ordinary fabric and it cannot be bought somewhere else. Just like a fine wine, as it ages the price of a Persian rug will also increase in value, as long as you maintain the integrity of the carpet. Below are some important tips that you can consider when working to protect the fiber of your Persian rug.

If the Persian rug gets stained, avoid rubbing the stain into the fiber, as this can spread the stain all over and work it into the fibers. Even worse than that, it can create permanent damage that can eventually destroy it. Do not let the stain rest in the fiber for longer period either, remove the stain as soon as possible! Contact a rug cleaning services as soon as possible because they will be equipped with the right detergent or solvent, and training, to remove the stain without damaging the fiber.

The chemicals that you can find inside your house are not recommended, as those chemicals are not intended for stain removal and can damage your carpet or Persian Rug. They are also very toxic and harmful. and can cause long term health challenges as well. If you have any pets, try to prevent them from walking on your rug as the dirt from their feet can soil the rug. The dusts that come from your pets will be mixed with moisture or mildew, making it very difficult to wash.

Also try to avoid putting your rug on damp areas and away from potted plants as larval infestations become very possible and can damage your Persian rug.

Your Persian rug is an investment, call a professional Persian rug cleaner in your area to properly care for your rug. Metro Vancouver Carpet Cleaning has a team of friendly, and professionally trained, technicians standing by to help you rejuvenate your Persian Rug and keep it beautiful. Call us today and book an appointment!

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