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The Oriental rug is one of the fundamental parts of an interior design, not only for homes but for commercial building as well. The wide variety of designs, as well as colors, makes it more attractive and appealing to look at. Oriental rugs can, very effectively, enhance the beauty of your home or any other establishment. Because of the designs it can portray whatever kind of atmosphere you yearn for. Thus, Oriental rugs need to be cleaned in a way that it won’t ruin the fiber. Unprofessional service providers can clean the rug but cannot maintain its beauty or color. Being hand-on with rugs is very nice, but if you aren’t sure of how to clean it then you should definitely consider hiring a service provider that can help you.

Fortunately, we have the best team of Oriental rug cleaners in the city. We are highly trained, licensed, bonded, and insured. As a matter of fact, we are a proud member of the BBB. If you are looking for a reliable and hard working service provider then contact us today!

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What is the right procedure of cleaning an Oriental rug?

Carpet cleaning involves the usage of a high tech vacuum to get the particles that are being stored deep within the fiber. These particular vacuum cleaners are very effective with the removal of dirt particles. Thus, almost all service providers have this kind of equipment in order to make their job faster and more efficient. One of the many advantages of this equipment is the fact that you don’t need to move your Oriental rug, making it easier to keep it clean.  You need to clean the rug with a mild soap solution and then lay it face up to dry it after. However, please be reminded that you should not lower the vacuum very near the rug because it can destroy the fiber.  These Oriental rugs, as well as carpets, are made up of natural fibers, much like your hair.  So, similar to your hair, whenever you wash the rug you need to brush the fibers up after. If your rug or carpets are just small you can simply clean it at home, as long as you know what you are doing and what cleaners and equipment needs to be used.

There are thousands of available detergents in the market today, so make sure you do your homework.. There are detergents with very strong chemicals, these chemicals will cause the carpets and rugs to wear out much quicker. I suggest that you search some customers’ reviews over the internet to help you decide what detergent to use. This is, of course, applicable to household carpets and rugs however, in commercial establishments with larger rugs and carpets, they need the help of professional carpet cleaner and rug cleaner.

Our company has the best team available to assist you in solving your problems and challenges. Although we specialize in cleaning, we also take great pride in maintaining and preserving the beauty of your fibers at home as well. For your inquiries call us today!

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